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Review: Robert Hale - Pure & Simple

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 Pure & SimpleThe new album out by Robert Hale, Pure & Simple is exciting and fresh bluegrass music that reaches into traditional country and beyond. From the folk favorite "Did She Mention My Name?" to "Sir Duke", the listener is in for good time listening to Hale's latest project.

There's plenty of bluegrass music here and plenty more. These tunes (including four originals) cover a broad spectrum of styles and Hale is adventurous in putting his own spin on works that others wouldn't even consider on an album like this. "Sir Duke" being a prime example.

The musicianship is familiar and traditional while the adaptation is unique and fresh as Hale puts his own arrangements together revealing a side of him and the genre that is exciting and fun. The artists get it down on "Dirt Poor" as they weave in and out of the melody with a smooth and effortless sound. "There's Another Baby Waiting for Me Down the Line" is another toe-tapping track filled with chops and his vocal qualities that help make this album a real keeper! On "These Old Blues" Hale proves what experience can deliver. He delivers!

With a blend of bluegrass, country and folk, Hale produces emotion with "It Hasn't Happened Yet" and "When Times Were Good." With a greater deviation, he experiments with an acoustic touch with "Sir Duke".

There is more here to take in and absorb but, this isn't an album you listen to once and then put on the shelf. Because of the breadth of this album, you'll want to take it out and spin it again and again.p

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