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I Draw Slow is Taking Aim on America

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I Draw SlowI Draw Slow makes their way to America in the Fall of 2012 to support their upcoming Pinecastle Records release Redhills due out in late Summer. I Draw Slow is a five-piece acoustic roots band hailing from Ireland comprising vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo and double bass. Holden siblings Dave (guitar) and Louise (vocals) have been writing together for two decades, starting on Dublin’s gigging circuit with Tabularasa.

The five members that comprise I Draw Slow have produced a powerful blend of Alt-country, folk, roots, old-time, Americana, rooted in the old time style of the Appalachian Mountains, drawing on Irish traditional music and modern tones. Don't be lead astray, this is a whole new songbook of stories and melodies that are coming from the band. The songs are dark tales of debauchery and trouble swinging from the kind of well-crafted melodies that survive the test of time.

All five members have played in old time and bluegrass bands around Ireland, Europe and the US over the last decade. Siblings Dave (guitar) and Louise (vocals) Holden have been writing together for two decades, starting on Dublin, Ireland's touring circuit with a funk band.

Pinecastle Records recently signed I Draw Slow. Their upcoming album Redhills will be released August 7th, 2012. Customers who pre-order Redhills from the Pinecastle website will also receive a free digital copy delivered on the release date. In addition, customers will also receive the single "Goldmine" instantly after their purchase.

The video is from their latest single, Goldmine. Click the video link above for a sample of the band's visual and auditory delivery. Sit back and enjoy this tale spun in a fine acoustic Irish fashion!

An interest in writing new music in the roots tradition inspired the birth of I Draw Slow in 2007. The pair teamed up with Adrian Hart (fiddle), Colin Derham (banjo), and Konrad Liddy (bass) to form I Draw Slow. Altogether they have created a new sound rooted in the old time style of the Appalachian Mountains, while drawing on Irish traditional music and modern Americana. The band has since written and produced two albums and toured Ireland and Europe. Their first album, Downside, was recorded in a farm kitchen in County Wicklow, Ireland and received critical acclaim in that country in 2008.

RedhillsThe band has filmed two music videos featuring tunes from the Redhills album. The video for"Goldmine" has a cast and crew of dozens, including professional actors and actresses in full costume. The video for "Swans" was recorded live on a hill in South Dublin in one take with five microphones and is mandatory for anyone interested in the band. Together the videos have over 50,000 views. The band's YouTube channel also contains more live performances of the band from TV shows, clubs and festivals.

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