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Country Cooperative Initiative Introduces Molly and Tenbrooks

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Molly & TenbrooksCountry Cooperative Initiative is introducing their featured member Molly & Tenbrooks this week in their Americana Music category. Molly & Tenbrooks is an original, eclectic award-winning, friendly, playful band made up of music teachers and a software engineer. Though a regional favorite, Molly and Tenbrooks has traveled from California to North Carolina entertaining folks with Blazin’,Barn-Burnin’ Bluegrass, Hand-clappin', Soul-satisfyin' Gospel, Heel-clickin’ Country and some of the sweetest, most haunting harmonies ever heard.

Molly & Tenbrooks is the most well rounded Bluegrass band you will find. With their deep understanding of music and many years of combined experience playing with different bands, these musicians can deliver. Whether you are looking for "straight up" Bluegrass,soulful ballads, or roof lifting gospel tunes, Molly and Tenbrooks will fit the bill.

In addition to their skill on their instruments, all the band members are song writers at heart and have written songs featured in their performances. Dannie Lynn and Kelly just returned from Nashville and the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Songwriter’s Showcase. Being invited to that event is a fabulous honor for songwriters and a great endorsement of their writing skills. One of the most popular talents of the band is the exquisite yodelling Dannie Lynn is becoming famous for. It takes a lot of space to contain that voice, maybe all the great outdoors.

Dannie Lynn Plummer - (Molly)
Classically trained in voice and from a singing family (momma sang bass, daddy sang tenor), she grew up singing in church and with her family. While she became active in the folk music scene of the '60's, she remained true to her classical roots. Her total immersion into Bluegrass came as a result of having been invited to the local Bluegrass Association's Christmas party and jam. She soon began to exhibit acute jam-aholic symptoms. After playing with various local bands on a casual basis, she now plays fulltime with Molly & Tenbrooks.

Kelly Bogan - (Tenbrooks)
Classically trained in piano, Kelly became interested in folk music in high school when he heard Flatt & Scruggs for the first time. After nine years of classical piano training, He picked up a banjo and hasn’t put it down since. Re-inspired in the 90’s by Alison Krauss, he has become a certified Bluegrass Nutt, playing Dobro, guitar, bass, and mandolin, instruments he teaches at his School of Music on Spokane’s South Hill. Kelly loves to sing and finds ample opportunity to use his great bluegrass voice singing in Molly & Tenbrooks.

Dan Gore (mandolin)
is Spokane's own "Mr. Bluegrass". He is credited with starting Spokane’s Bluegrass Association, the INBA. Hailing from North Carolina, he has spent a lifetime playing and studying bluegrass. A master mandolin player (and also a fine banjo player), he has studied and assimilated many styles of playing: from Bill Monroe, to Jesse McReynolds, to David Grismann. His homespun humor and storytelling are skills that are widely admired. He also makes a fine pea and almond salad.

Mark Harding (bass)
is a hillbilly deep down. He grew up in New York with all that city slicker stuff: the symphony, Broadway, jazz, why he says he even had a television set which he would watch all day long. But seeing those western movies on that little glass screen made his heart yearn for those wide open spaces. So he moved to Seattle, where he picked up bass playing in blues bands. But his unsettled ways weren't put to rest until he found his true love, and Bluegrass./b

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