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Sam Bush Shares Sexagesimal Adventure in New Episodes of SBTV

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Sam BushThe legendary Sam Bush recently celebrated his 60th birthday. With his innovative, virtuosic style and youthful energy, it's hard to believe he is 60 years old!

To celebrate entering what he is calling his "Freshman" Senior years, Sam is sharing his sexagesimal adventure by recording new webisodes. This month Sam shares three new episodes of SBTV where he embarks on his first "Freshman" Senior discount shopping day at the Kroger in Bellevue, Tennessee!

We hope you will share Sam's adventure by tuning in! We have posted two episodes of the three-part series so far. Each new episode of SBTV will automatically update in the player when the videos are launched - and our new episode will be posted on Thursday.

Check out the first two episodes and grab the embed code at SBTV.


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