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Sold Out International Shows for the Queen of Bluegrass

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Rhonda VincentParis, France -- Rhonda Vincent & The Rage are traveling abroad; leaving behind their Martha White Bluegrass Express for trains, planes, and automobiles. The International Bluegrass Star and All American Bluegrass Girl "Rhonda Vincent" with her band "The Rage" set a personal European record with two consecutive SOLD OUT SHOWS in Laufen Switzerland on July 27 & 28, 2011.

"This was my sixth visit to Switzerland. It feels like my second home," Rhonda shares from her Paris hotel room. "The people are so warm and friendly, and I so enjoy the overall feeling of the country." "We are thrilled to have sold out shows, and to meet many new fans, along with our Swiss friends."

The Swiss venue was purchased and renovated by the family who owns the famous Swiss cough drops, "Ricola". The venue houses a music school; with the intended purpose of educating and featuring musical artists.

In addition to the Swiss performances; they appeared on Saturday, July 30, 2011 in Craponne, France, as the headlining artist of the Craponne Country Music Festival - Festival Country Rendez-Vous de Craponne sur Arzon.

Fans of Rhonda Vincent & The Rage traveled many miles to enjoy their style of acoustic music; from neighboring countries such as Holland, Norway, England, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and even a couple from the USA, traveled half way around the world to hear their favorite group in both European settings.

After their performance in Laufen, Switzerland and Craponne, France; Rhonda Vincent & The Rage traveled to Paris, France to visit the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre with The Mona Lisa being a highlight not to miss. They will remain in Paris until their return to the US later in the week.

Other areas visited on their European Tour include Africa, Sicily, Italy, Spain, and Malta.

On August 14, 2011, Rhonda & The Rage will make their first performance in Honolulu, Hawaii. And on August 15, 2010, they will perform at the Pearl Harbor Memorial for the United States Military; followed by a historic event at the Missouri State Fair hosted by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and the First Lady; as they proclaim the first official bluegrass day at the Missouri State Fair on August 17th, and a headlining performance at the Grandstand by Rhonda Vincent & The Rage.

A busy summer for The Queen of Bluegrass. Complete Tour Schedule

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