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The Travelin McCourys Team up With Keller Williams to Pick

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PickPick, Keller's 18th album and his debut with the first family of bluegrass music, The Travelin' McCourys, is a wonderful mixture of Keller's easy-going style and the Travelin' McCourys' precise mastery of Bluegrass. It is string picking rooted in Americana's heart; exploding with energy and passion.

Recorded at Nashville's famed Butcher's Shoppe Recording Studio in early 2012, Pick is comprised of 12 originals and covers that are sure to not just get your toes a tappin' and knees a slappin', but also put some groove in your step and a shake to your bake. Here's what member's of the band have to say about the project:

It's only after you hear Pick that you come to the inescapable realization that this is a meeting that was predestined. Williams, the über-distinctive singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who's been described as a "one-man band for the new millennium," is a tireless musical seeker for whom repetition is never an option. And The Travelin' McCourys - bluegrass royalty nonpareil with a sharp eye toward innovation - have similarly been dubbed "twenty-first century musical pilgrims and adventurers."

Pick, is a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts—although the parts are rather massive on their own, to be sure. Recorded at Nashville's famed Butcher Shoppe studios, the album's dozen songs (both originals and covers) fully realize Americana music's long storytelling tradition, and the impeccable musicianship displayed on Pick captures all of the heart and heartache of the bluegrass genre—and then some: Williams' unconventional songwriting takes on even greater weight when backed by The Travelin' McCourys' emotive tones. Inspired by Keller's fearless creativity, The Travelin' McCourys' flawless playing gains new depth.

"We like to play traditional bluegrass music the way we do it with Dad, but we also like to be able to step into situations where we can really stretch out," Ronnie told JamBase. "If we need to plug in, we'll plug in. We're open to anything."

That they were open to teaming with Keller Williams is no surprise. Over the course of his two-decade career, Williams has ceaselessly followed his singular muse, both in a live setting—where he might accompany himself on any number of instruments and electronics—and in the studio, where he's recorded everything from reggae to rock to experimental music to children's songs to, of course, bluegrass. Thief, Keller's 2010 recording with the Keels, reached number #1 on Billboard's bluegrass chart while last year's Bass found him utilizing only that instrument throughout the album. Predictability? Not in his vocabulary.

On Pick, Keller Williams—armed this time only with acoustic guitar and a microphone—and The Travelin' McCourys shine on a dozen tracks that perfectly demonstrate their collective reach, including several new Williams and band-written originals and a handful of surprise but choice covers, including My Morning Jacket's "Amazed," Steve Earle's "The Graveyard Shift" and singer-songwriter Jessie J's "Price Tag." The album's finale, Williams' "Bumper Sticker," benefits from a special guest appearance by the man himself, the 73-year-old legend Del McCoury. While the familiar elements of both Keller's and the McCourys' music are all in place, the sound that emerges from the troupe collectively takes all of the participants into fresh musical places, where tunefulness meets mystery, virtuosity, daring and a blast of a good time.

"Playing with the Travelin' McCourys brings great joy to me. It's like being naked on a mountain with a peppermint patty. It just feels good. The taste is sweet yet minty and I'm left wanting more."
- Keller Williams

"Playing with Keller is like being in a 2 car chase on a mountain road. Trying to catch him only to find that as you round the corner... he's already gone! When you finally get to the top of the mountain you can go no further and you think you've caught up with him... you realize he's going higher yet ascending into the clouds and you want to catch up but you can't! He's an inspirational Musician/Songwriter and Thinker! It is so satisfying to try keep up with him....and you can't stop smiling along the way!"
- Ronnie McCoury

Pick will be available in your favorite store and online retailer on July 3rd, 2012. Beginning Friday, May 18th, Pick will be available for preorder through , and Read on for details about our amazing Pick Me! Sweepstakes where you and a friend may when a trip to see Keller, Del and the Travelin' McCourys in Nashville for NYE.

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