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Urban Monroes Announce Release of New Single on Acoustic Rainbow Bluegrass Sampler

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Urban MonroesMountain Sky Media is proud to announce the release of a new single by the Urban Monroes entitled “Hole in My Heart” which will appear on Acoustic Rainbow Bluegrass Sampler #3. Kentucky’s Acoustic Rainbow samplers have continued a proud tradition releasing 41 roots radio compilations. Recently they expanded their repertoire to include a sampler of bluegrass, old time and mountain music with distribution to over 800 radio stations world-wide and includes such artists as Alison Krauss, Steve Martin, the Grascals, Dolly Parton, Doyle Lawson and many others.

The new single will be the Urban Monroes fourth Acoustic Rainbow release following, “When the Aspens Turn”, “Time of Your Life” and “You Don’t Have to Move That Mountain.” Beautifully tragic, “Hole in My Heart” is bluegrass without blisters, slower and weepier. It was selected for release not only because of the band’s love for the song, but because download trends indicated listeners were moved by it as well.

“Hole in My Heart” appears on the band’s recent CD release Pavement and Pathways, which was recently nominated for the Best of Portland Awards. Several tracks have appeared on national and international charts with review accolades still coming in.

The Urban Monroes bluegrass music follows the trail of tradition as it merges with the contemporary. This is the same roadmap the band has always used as they intricately wind through the music-scape. Bluegrass has the ability to be sledge hammer hard, technically intricate, highly arranged and spontaneously explosive all at the same time and that’s the energy the band wants to capture.

With “Hole in My Heart” on the upcoming Acoustic Rainbow Bluegrass sampler the Urban Monroes find a soft shoulder on their bluegrass highway.

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