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Mountain Fever Records Releases 'Pardon Me' from Traves Chandler and Avery County

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Pardon MeWillis, VA —Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the release highly anticipated Pardon Me, the latest bluegrass music project from Travers Chandler & Avery County. The new CD has been shipped to radio programmers and retail outlets and is available worldwide today. Travers Chandler is surly a household name among residents of Galax, Virginia where he has lived most of his life. But for those living outside the borders of southwest Virginia, it's possible that the first you heard of him was during the keynote address given by Infamous Stringdusters' Chris Pandolfi at the 2011 World of Bluegrass Conference held in Nashville, TN.

Pandolfi gave a very insightful and poignant speech about what the bluegrass community now calls the "Big Tent" idea, and thoughtfully used Chandler as an example of why traditional bluegrass music would never die. "There are few young traditional bands out there," stated Pandolfi, "but they do exist and that is how traditional bluegrass will be preserved. If you want to preserve traditional bluegrass, you need to support a guy like Travers Chandler.” Whether you attended the presentation in person or not, one thing was for sure, two names were heard being uttered among the halls of the Nashville Convention Center that week more than any other; Chris Pandolfi and Travers Chandler.

Pardon Me is an example of true, traditional bluegrass in every sense of the word. Chandler took due diligence in song selection for this project, a task he readily admits in his liner notes that he has never done before. During the recording process from September 2011 through April 2012, Chandler lived through possibly the most heartbreaking and difficult time of his life, resulting in a song selection that conveys the emotion he was feeling at the time. The result is tragic, dark and depressing at times, presented by a self-proclaimed "mad man". Travers Chandler & Avery County perform some of the best classic bluegrass and honky-tonk style country music ever heard on Pardon Me, supporting Chandler's life-mission of keeping the legacies of his musical heroes alive.

"Bluegrass needs Travers Chandler," states on-air personality Jim Beaver of WHUS Radio. "As seemingly more of the music devolves into a formula, Travers is the bitters in the beer, the rhubarb in the strawberry pie, the element of counterpoint that draws forth the desperate emotion that begs to be released from the form. He's not the first -- greats like Carter Stanley, Charlie Moore, and Buzz Busby were there before him -- but Travers is for our time. Savor his music."

Pardon Me has been shipped to retailers and radio worldwide and is also available to radio programmers via digital download through AirplayDirect. For more information on Travers Chandler & Avery County, visit or

Track Listing:

  1. "Blue Monday Morning"
  2. "Whiskey"
  3. "Reuben Takes The D Train"
  4. "The Stanley Brothers"
  5. "Pardon Me...I've Got Someone To Kill"
  6. "For You I Could Change My Mind"
  7. "One Kiss Away >From Loneliness"
  8. "Newton Grove"
  9. "Stumblin' Stones"
  10. "Set The Bottle On The Bar"
  11. "Lil Trouble"
  12. "Long Black Train"
  13. "Things In Life" (with Heather Berry and Tony Mabe)

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