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The Modern Grass are High On The Mountain

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 High on the MountainHalifax, NS, Canada -- The Modern Grass is a collective of musicians who all have some obsession with days gone by, contrasted with a vision for the future. High on the Mountain shares forms and ideas from musical styles of the past, and tells the stories of a modern day troubador.

Climbing high up into the Appalachians, rolling and tumbling all the way down, rising next to an East St. Louis diner under dim streetlight, down to the banks of the Mississippi and south to New Orleans. High on the Mountain be - bops, doo- wops, and yeehaws it's way through roots music freely, but maintains a coherent philosophy that is evident in Terrell's songwriting, as well as the playing.

Behind the almost satirical veil of genre tripping, honky tonking, and a clear lust for days gone by, exists a song. An idea that was tried, tested, true, and scripted in lines and staves for you, and us, and then hollered High on the Mountain.

This summer, The Modern Grass will embark on a two-month strech of dates from St. John's, Newfoundland to Whitehorse, Yukon and everywhere in between. The dates are in conjunction with MG Music's latest release, High on the Mountain.

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