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B.J. and Skip Cherryholmes are the Cherryholmes Brothers Band

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Cherryholmes Brothers Skip and B.J.So it IS official- For anyone that is curious- B.J. and Skip Cherryholmes have formed their own band and will be performing at the James Garner Center in Troy, North Carolina January 21st 2010. While this is quite a ways off, the exciting part is that the Cherryholmes brothers will be carrying the family torch and continuing the music. Their sister Cia is still performing also.

The brothers have announced that more dates are forth coming and the family already has an established and strong fan base so I would expect that the Cherryholmes Brothers and Cia's paths will be crossing more as we move forward. The synergy is there as well as the family bond.

Skip said that the new band "can't confide just yet as to the line up. But I'll just leave you with knowing that it's top notch pickers! Rock solid! I'll be announcing it soon though!" With all that the band learned in their long run, you can be sure that these two know what they want and that they'll get it too.

The Cherryholmes family band announced their breakup in January of this year and the group performed their last performance on May 6 at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival in Denton, NC. The family had a great 12 year award winning run and the world watched as their music and professionalism evolved from a beginning bluegrass group into an international top entertainment performing act.

As the band evolved and matured, it was a pleasure to watch the individual members take on their own unique styles. Cia on banjo was probably the most recognized but every member performed equally and the brothers, B.J. and Skip were most definitely a part of that identity.

We look forward to hearing more about this exciting new group, their lineup and where they'll be performing.

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