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CJ The DJ Tops AirPlay Direct Bluegrass Chart with Bluegrass Rulz

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 CJ the DJThis new music is pulling in accolade after accolade from programmers and DJ's world wide. The single, "Bluegrass Rulz" has topped the AirPlay Direct Bluegrass Download Chart already. DJ says, "Your audience will love it because, after all, Bluegrass Rulz." CJ the DJ,, teamed up with the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley and recorded one of Marty McKinney's songs, it’s called "Bluegrass Rulz." It pays tribute to past, present and future generations of bluegrass artists.

Carl Jarrell Jr. was born just off the Country Music Highway at Slick Rock in Floyd County. His first love has always been music. Jarrell has been a radio disc jockey for more than 23 years and has served as Master of Ceremony at many events throughout the region. He is best known as "CJ the DJ" but is quickly becoming one of the region's most talented bluegrass artists.

"I've always loved bluegrass music," Jarrell said. "My music influences over the years have been Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, George Jones, Vern Gosdin and others."

CJ's version of "Bluegrass Rules," written by Marty McKinney of Floyd County, talks about remembering the founding fathers of Bluegrass and how their tradition remains strong today. "Bluegrass music wouldn't be what it still is today without the likes of Ralph and Carter Stanley, Bill Monroe and so many others," Jarrell said.

Look for other surprises on CJ's newest release, including Charley Pride's "All I Have to Offer You is Me" and Elvis' "Early Morning Rain." Religious numbers include "Mansion in the Sky" and "Way Faring Stranger."

CJ is joined by Tad Huff on banjo, John Rigsby on fiddle and mandolin and Dan Huff, the CD's engineer, on bass guitar and percussion. "I hope my fans enjoy the work," he said.

If you are a DJ or radio programmer give Bluegrass Rulz a listen. You may just find it fitting for your audience. This is a song written by a DJ, Sung by a DJ and meant to be enjoyed by all.

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