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The Johnny Possum Band's Latest Album Showcases Talents and Style

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Short SummerThe Johnny Possum Band has been touring and working to promote their most recent album, Short Summer completed in February 2012. Their fifth album, Short Summer, features primarily original material. This latest recording showcases a maturing approach to song writing and how the band is redefining their style. It features a new production team and the end result is one the band are proud of.

Since 2005, The Johnny Possum Band has been delivering their own brand of alt country/bluegrass/folk music featuring guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and upright bass. From performances throughout New Zealand, to appearances at festivals and venues in the USA the band has developed a solid fan base and following.

Taking the role of mandolin player and one half of lead vocals, Bryan Peters, lays a solid vocal and instrumental foundation for the band. Keith Taylor on guitar lays down the driving rhythms so typical of this particular style of American roots music; and sharing the lead vocals he also adds a voice full of character and completes the harmony work. Margaret Pickering, on fiddle and vocals demonstrates and shows off her incredibly rich and diverse musical background. On 5 string banjo, Sean Whitaker, adds the syncopated styles typical of bluegrass, string band and old time musical styles. Jonathan Rosanowski shows off just one facet of his diverse multi-instrumentalist talents behind a solid upright bass providing the rhythmic bedrock for the band.

The band's debut CD, Tickets released in 2006 featured the band performing mainly traditional bluegrass tunes in their own style and was a finalist for a 2007 New Zealand Music Award for best Country Music Album, and their first original single, 'Bluegrass Saved the Earth' was a finalist for Country Music Single of the year.

The band delivered its 2nd CD, Twister, in February 2008. Building on strong Americana roots this recording branches out and incorporates the band's own strong original musical offerings and sees the sound of the band begin to reflect influences from bluegrass, folk, Irish, old time and even a hint of rockabilly.

In June of 2009 the band released their 3rd CD, Live at the HarbourLight this time with a DVD. They recorded a live performance at their favourite theatre of old favourites and also plenty of previously unrecorded material. The CD has 15 of the tracks while the DVD has all 27 tracks on it. The recording truly captures the Possums at their best playing live to an enthusiastic audience.

They released their first compilation CD High Lights 2005-2009 in 2010.It feautures all the best studo and live tracks from the first three CD's.

They released their 5th CD, Short Summer, featuring mainly original material in February 2012. This latest recording showcases a maturing approach to song writing and how the band is redefining their style. It features a new production team and the end result is one the band are proud of.

The Johnny Possum Band has played extensively throughout New Zealand and gained international exposure with two mini tours of the USA. The first in 2007 saw them receive the 'Rising Legends' Award from the National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Association. Their 2nd visit in 2008 received rave reviews and a growing fan base as they toured the heartland of this musical style following the Appalachian Mountains and travelling through Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. A return visit is on the cards for 2012.

Band Members:

Sean Whitaker - Vocals & Banjo. Sean plays a Saga Goldstar GF100 banjo with AKG microphone and preamp OR K&K banjo pickup. Also uses Shubb 5th String and Kyser Banjo capos. He also plays Blueridge 163CE guitar and a custom built Davy Stuart Guitjo when needed.

Keith Taylor - Vocals, Guitar and Songwriting. Keith plays a Martin DCME with a K&K triple pickup fitted in place of the standard fishman, and Martin SP medium gauge strings through a Boss 7Ch EQ Pedal.

Bryan 'Bryzy' Peters - Vocals, Mandolin, & Musical Director. Bryan Plays an Eastman Mandolin with K&K twin pickups

Margaret Pickering - Fiddle & Vocals. Margaret plays a really old Fiddle of unknown heritage with a custom Davy Stuart solution for pickups fitted.

Jonathan Rosanowski - Upright bass. Jonathan plays a PMM S80 Upright through a Gallien-Krueger microbass amp. He also plays Guitjo on Short Summer.

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