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Frank Solivan Mandolin Clinic and Performance

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Frank SolivanFrank Solivan sent us a message about a mandolin clinic he is teaching this Saturday. Much thanks to John Wood at McDonogh School for hosting the clinic which of course, includes bluegrass music. Frank's good friend, Davis Shingleton is the main contact person if you want to confirm your seat. If you know someone that might like to attend this event, please pass this info along to them.

A hands on clinic with Frank Solivan, touching on traditional bluegrass songs, fiddle tunes, swing standards and country classics. An in-depth study of rhythm fundamentals, chords, scales, arpeggios, and use of fingering patterns to mentally map your fretboard. Students will use these tools to build musical solos, learn and play faster, improve tone and enhance the tunes they already know. Even if you are a rank beginner or advanced player, you'll walk away with new tools and ways to approach your mandolin. Bring a recording device.

The clinit takes place April 14th from 1pm - 3pm at the McDonogh Upper School Library, Allan Building, 8600 McDonogh Road, Owings Mills, MD. 21117. Contact Davis at the link above. Price is $50 for the program. Also happening the same day, Saturday, April 14, 7:30pm - 11:00pm, Tesca Concerts Presents "Me & Martha" (Don DePoy and Martha Hills) with special guests Steve Mandell (Deliverance Guitar), Mike Munford & Frank Solivan (Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen) and Patrick McAvinue (Audie Blaylock and Redline) at Temple Emanuel, 909 Berrymans Lane, Reisterstown, MD. Phone: 410-526-3676, Email:

musicianship exists a mystery — the mystery of tone, taste and timing… It can best be illustrated by giving a good musician a good instrument and asking him to briefly strum, pick, bow, — whatever is required to produce the best sound. Then, by way of comparison, hand that very same instrument to a GREAT musician and ask for the same.

It is a phenomenon that manifests itself every time that Frank Solivan picks up a mandolin, guitar or violin. What you see may be the same pick or bow, on the same strings, on the same fretboard that the good player demonstrated, but the sound… Ah… there's the difference!

In Frank's hands, these instruments take on a life of their own. You hear power. You hear volume. You hear crispness, clarity, timing and taste. All combined with passion and drive. A physicist might slow it down to analyze the strum against string — but he wouldn't find the answer. For that, you have to know Frank Solivan, a man who has a powerful life force that's as raw, natural and pure as the place he spend much of his youth, Alaska. Frank is a hunter, a fisherman, a gourmet chef, a beautiful singer, a poet and songwriter of tasteful ballads and of blazing instrumentals. A man of sturdy build who is known to holler out out a powerful, "Son!" whether it be in response to a hot solo, or some hot sauce he concocted in kitchen. It's as if all these things for him are an affirmation of life. An awareness that all five senses are humming along on overdrive. That life is short and all these gifts are not to be wasted.

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