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Close Kin, A Reunion of Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Announces Spring Tour

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Close KinBristol, TN/VA -- Mountain Roads Recordings is extremely excited to announce that the highly acclaimed recorded project, Close Kin, A Reunion of Bluegrass & Old-Time Music, will be on the road beginning April 18th, 2012 for four nights featuring live performances by the artists who created this one-of-akind musical collaboration.

The Spring Tour will be featured in the following locations:

  • Wednesday April 18th ETSU Culp Auditorium Johnson City, TN
  • Thursday April 19th The White Horse Black Mountain, NC
  • Friday April 20th Ashe Civic Center West Jefferson, NC
  • Saturday, April 21st The Rex Theater Galax, VA

Whether you're a fan of bluegrass or old-time music, 29 artists from both sides of the aisle have come together to create a truly unique recording that combines these two musical genres and their bold styles.

The Appalachian Highlands region of Northeast Tennessee, Northwestern North Carolina, Southwestern Virginia and Eastern Kentucky is home to the origins of both bluegrass and old-time string band music. This music has been enjoyed for generations in kitchens and back porches, school auditoriums and music festivals and venues. Many times bluegrass and old-time artists can be heard jamming off stage at festivals before or after shows or even late into the night after the crowds have gone home. Amazing sounds are created when these styles are blended together as their heritage intended and rarely heard by the fans. Close Kin brings these sounds to the fans.

Close Kin, produced by award winning songwriter/singer Johnny Williams, features superb arrangements and vocal and instrumental combinations of 16 songs performed by such great artists as:

  • Adam & Tina Steffey (The Boxcars & The Grayson Highlands String Band)
  • Johnny & Jeanette Williams (Freeman & Williams; The Jeanette Williams Band)
  • Scott & Mark Freeman (Freeman ^ Williams, Pathway)
  • Mickey Galyean, Brad Hiatt & Jordon Blevins (Mickey Galyean & Cullen's Bridge)
  • Greg Jones & Jay Adams (Rich In Tradition)
  • Bud, Zeb, Samantha & Laine Snyder (The Snyder Family Band)
  • Dale Morris & Jerry Correll (Wolfe Bros String Band)
  • Edwin Lacy (Skeeter and the Skidmarks; Siamese Cousins)
  • Eddie Bond (The New Ballards Branch Bogtrotters)
  • Jim Lloyd & Trevor McKenzie (Jim Lloyd and the Skyliners)
  • Brian Grimm (The Konnarock Kritters)
  • Trish Kilby Fore (Fox Creek Ramblers)
  • Tiffany (Hurt) Lowery (Wheeler)
  • Tim White, Dave Vaught &"Fat Albert" Blackburn (The VW Boys)
  • Wesley Easter (Eastwood Studio)
  • Rebecca Jones (Travis Frye & Blue Mountain)

Jerome Clark, in reviewing the album for says, "Brilliantly imagined and movingly executed, Close Kin is a disc to which I have returned on many occasions since my initial listening. It has yet to wear out its welcome. Let us say it isn't the sort of thing you hear every day, or every week or every month or every year.

What results is something like the best of everything: the best of the old and the new, the best of the historically preserved and the personally innovative, the best of a tradition worth revering and renewing."

Karl Cooler of Mountain Roads Recordings says, "The first live performance of this project was on March 3rd for a taping of the popular Public Television Series, Song of the Mountains. The show was a tremendous success, playing to a sold-out crowd, and we can't wait to get out on the road with more live performances. We know that the fans will be amazed with the talent assembled for this presentation".

A video introduction to the project is available and can be viewed on the Mountain Roads Recordings' YouTube channel at: Close Kin, The Video or on the Mountain Roads Recordings home page at:

Please consider joining us at one of these great venues for an evening of great music and entertainment.

4/18 ETSU Culp Auditorium 7:30pm
Admission $10 Students $8 All tickets sold at the door
4/19 The White Horse 7:30pm
Admission $10.
For more info or advance reservations:
(828) 669-0816 or
4/20 Ashe Civic Center 7:30pm
Admission $10 All tickets sold at the door
4/21 The Rex Theater 7:30pm
Admission $10 All tickets sold at the door

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