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Michael Johnathon: We Need a Front Porch 'Round the World

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Front Porch SwingSongwriter Michael Johnathon marks his tenth studio album with the release of Front Porch that musically looks at the real, emotional and global "front porch" at a time when America and the world has lost its sense of roots, community and neighborhoods.

Front Porch is a simple, acoustic album of banjos, mandolins, guitars & string quartets. Studio cuts include the title song and many others, live tracks include the amazing folk rendition of the classical piece Pacbelbel's Canon.

Johnathon explains the album concept:

"Once the center stage of a fomily 's community spirit and joy, the front porch was where neighbors gathered for music and fellowship, coffee in the morning, ice tea in the afternoon, and watching the moon settle over the trees in autumn. It's where a young man would court the girl of his dreams on a porch swing while her fomily stood vigil inside the home.

"We live among the most transient, umtable generation in America's history. we abandon more than we embrace and most of our fomilies end in divorce. we hardly even know our neighbors. Our music, art and relationships are two-dimemional and people don't even go out and enjoy live music anymore. we need to find our center, our seme of home, our front porch again."

Family, love and earth are values Johnathon has addressed throughout his career. These universal values are represented in this recording that is musically universal as it weaves through arrangements of folk, classical and bluegrass compositions. It's not some make-believe theme either, that is the picture of his actual front porch on the album cover.

The impact of the album is best captured in the title song. He explains:

"To me, the Front Porch has three meanings: the literal actual front porch on a home. The emotional front porch of finding the love of your life and having her near. And the global universal front porch between nations. Those three view­points are bound up in the title song of my new album. "

Johnathon's admiration for the global front porch is reflected in the words of Appalachian Road, a song addressing the inhumanity of mountain top removal. Ghosts is a riveting blend of guitar and cello, a beautiful and haunting melody about love lost and the hope of a return. Traditional nods are given to the classical composition of Pachelbel's Canon and the live performance of How Can I Keep from Singing with the Niles String Quartet. Original compositions include Believe, one of the arias ofjohnathons original opera about Woody Guthrie. He also includes a very edgy rendition of the Rolling Stones classic Satisfaction.

Johnathon is a folksinger, author and playwright. He created and hosts the national broadcast of the WoodSongs Old­Time Radio Hour, heard on over 504 public radio stations, American Forces Radio network in 173 nations and every US Naval ship at sea, online and in over 90M USA TV homes on Public TV coast-to-coast. He authored the play walden: The Ballad of Thoreau, performed over 8,000 times in 42 countries and translated into four languages.

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