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Review: Richard D. Henry - A Long Way From Home

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Bluegrass Solution with Richard D. HenryBy Joe Ross
Hey there, this week's review is about a project of original material from Texan Richard D. Henry. You all should check it out. Please read on if you'd like to know more.

Richard Henry writes from deep in his big Houston, Texas heart, and it's not just another "song and dance." He comes from a musical family, played a variety of styles, and settled on bluegrass about 15 years ago. Even though the Lone Star State is mostly flat, Henry's also got a good feel for life in the higher ground with "Mountain Melody." His singing has a lot of affable personality that draws a listener right in. Henry lined up some great instrumental support that captures the spirit and feeling of more traditional bluegrass in his contemporary compositions. A vocalist can't go wrong with a guy like Scott Vestal on banjo, Dennis Crouch on bass, Brent Truitt on mandolin, Wanda Vick on fiddle and Dobro, and Scott Coney on guitar. Tony King and Michael Fuller, members of his band, The Bluegrass Solution, also provide harmony vocals.

Many of Richard D. Henry's dozen songs like "That Glory Bound Express" and "Do You Ever Think of the Old Home Place?" could've easily been been recorded decades before. And being from Oregon, I can certainly personally relate to his song "Not Enough Sunshine and Too Much Rain"! For those of us who have had enough winter, that one goes right hand-in-hand with "Help Me Drive the Blues Away" even though Richard also astutely points out that "You Can't Out Run the Blues."

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