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Niall Toner Releases 'Tomorrow' Single on Pinecastle Records

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The hot new single from Niall Toner, "Tomorrow" from the up-coming new CD album on Pinecastle Records has been made available for radio. Niall signed with Pinecastle at the first of the year. "Tomorrow" is one track that will be a new album of original material, due in the fall of 2012. The date is expected to be in conjunction with another U.S. tour. Niall's most recent release in the U.S. was The Sounds of the Blackstairs Mountains, featuring his tribute to the father of bluegrass music, "William Smith Monroe," which is still receiving extensive airplay on bluegrass radio.

Niall says, "Keith Sewell and I wrote this song a few years back at Spence Manor on Music Row, while our respective Wives, Wendy and Moira were out shopping for shoes. I had the idea of a man who puts everything that should be attended to today, off until tomorrow, and as the Girls left, they instructed us to have our song finished by the time they got back. Two hours later we had this song. It's been pitched to many, without getting cut until now. This is my version, and I think it works in this simple format. Wendy sings Harmony vocals, and Shawn Pody engineered and played great Guitar and Mandolin."

The Niall Toner Band is an acoustic Irish bluegrass band with Celtic influences whose diverse repertoire ranges from contemporary up-tempo songs and tunes to inspirational gospel-style numbers, as well as tributes to Bill Monroe the father of bluegrass like "The Master's Resting Place" and "Bill Monroe's Mandolin." Niall formed the Band 2001 with musical cohorts Clem O'Brien (guitar) and Dick Gladney (bass). Toner credits Clem and Dick for being so supportive in the constant strive for originality in his music.

Niall's composition credits include songs recorded by artists like Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones), The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Albert Lee, Special Consensus, Keith Sewell, The Swanson Family and more. In 2003 Toner was nominated for a Global Artist Award by the CMA. To date, Niall and his Band have recorded and released three CD albums, and they perform their original songs and tunes on a regular basis at Festivals and Venues in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA.

Niall was born in Dublin, Ireland and nurtured an early interest in music by tuning in to Radio Luxemburg and the AFN radio service from Germany. The Saturday night re-broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville was his first exposure to Country music, and when a local school-friend showed up with a collection that included the music of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, The Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers, Niall's musical fate was sealed. Niall Toner is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading experts on bluegrass and American country music, and he brings this knowledge of music to a wide audience, both through his live performances with The Niall Toner Band and various workshops, as well as through his radio show, Roots Freeway, which is broadcast on Ireland's national radio station, RTE Radio One.

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